A New Dinner Concept. The Kitchen Chicks LTD., is a four year old Chicago-based personal chef service built on the belief of the importance of healthy, homemade meals enjoyed at home.  Partnered with Max’s Catering in 2011, gives The Kitchen Chicks, LTD., the skilled and experienced chefs needed for success.

Fast Healthy Food.  Homemade meals “on the go” – which can be picked up or delivered, creates even more flexibility to feed your family with an easy prep, homemade meals.

Everyone Eats Their Favorite Foods.  A wide array of choices lets you make your selections, take dinner home, and have everyone eating a  meal they will enjoy within 15 minutes,  all at affordable prices.

Our Commitment Is To Your Health. The Kitchen Chicks LTD.,  is committed to health and vitality for you and your family through good-for-you food that tastes great. During these busy times, we understand how important family dinners are.  Our concept will encourage the more than 2/3rds of households who don’t enjoy sitting down for regular family dinners. The quality of the food you eat is a vital part of the quality of your life, and The Kitchen Chicks LTD.,  is here to help improve your family’s eating habits,  and well being.


The Kitchen Chicks, LTD. helps busy people provide healthy, delicious meals to their families quickly and easily. If you are tired of meal planning, shopping, cooking, and then cleanup, but still want a homemade meal for your family, here is your answer.  Your kids will love our food, and  they are eating food that’s good for them.


The Kitchen Chicks, LTD. can provide the same delicious fare to local businesses for regular lunches or corporate events and parties. Our chefs can provide a wide array of choices to cater to your tastes and needs.  You can feel confident that whatever your menu consists of, our quality meals will be enjoyed by all.

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