The Kitchen Chicks

We do the cooking

so you dont have to!

Wendy Polisner founded The Kitchen Chicks, LTD.  in 2009. She discovered a demand and need for local neighborhood families to eat healthy, home cooked meals, but didn’t have the time or desire to do it themselves.  As a mother of four children,   she understood the balance of creating healthy meals that still taste great.  The concept began as “Healthy home cooked meals for the busy family.”

As The Kitchen Chicks evolved and their following grew, Wendy realized that there was a maximum capacity of what she could handle as a “one chick show”.  In 2011, The Kitchen Chicks partnered up with Max’s Deli that shared in the Kitchen Chicks ideology of healthy, well balanced meals.  This partnership allowed The Kitchen Chicks to provide meals in greater volume, and at the corporate level.

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